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Commercial and manufacturing group “Rosavtomattorg”

The commercial and manufacturing group “Rosavtomattorg” presents its own developments of vending machines and unique solutions for vending. The company is also one of major vending operators in Russia. We operate our own machines as wells popular models of well-known manufacturers of snack and coffee machines and coffee machines.

The company’s activities cover the development, production, installation and maintenance of vending machines. The group of companies includes enterprises for the installation and maintenance of vending machines: “Express Vending” and “Technovend”. The vending machine transportation partner is the Donkey Wendy logistics company.

The trade and industrial group “Rosavtomattorg” takes an active part in the work of the All-Russian public organization “Business Russia” and the National Association of Automated Trade (NAAT).

The main goal of the Company is to bring the most modern vending equipment to the worlds markets.

Company history

The first vending machines were installed by the Rosavtomtorg Commercial and industrial Group in 2006. A few years later, it was decided to develop a new vending line.

Impeccable service and the reputation of a reliable business partner made it possible to significantly increase the fleet of vending machines and the number of grateful customers in a short time.

In 2014, the company started the development and production of vending machines in Russia under the trademark “Rosavtomtorg”.

The Rosavtomtorg Group today includes several companies specializing in various areas of the vending business: Express Vending and Technovend.

The dynamic development of the company is provided by more than a hundred specialists.

Enviable service and permanent innovations are the essence and credo of the Rosavtomtorg group of companies.

  • IT service
  • Development and Production division
  • AHO
  • Personnel division
LLC "Technovend"
  • Technical division
  • Collection service
  • Transport division
  • Purchasing division
  • Legal division
LLC "Express Vending"
  • Operations division
  • Maintenance division
  • Client division
  • Control and Audit division
  • Cash Operations division

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