Vending Machine
Touch Me with
a huge touchscreen

Vending Machine
Touch Me with
a huge touchscreen

An opening in the world of vending.
Your mini-store with a huge touchscreen display
and software created specifically for
the Russian market.
Touch Me surprises with its stylish design
and advanced ergonomics.
Your customers will like Touch Me!

590 000 ₽
View the complete set
telemetry Online control
opportunities Placement of video
and photo advertisements
Payment by card Visa / Mastercard / MIR
Interface Animation Bright animation
of software elements
Branding of the machine Your corporate style
Stands out in a shopping center The bright design of the machine immediately catches the buyer’s eye
Screen 55" Touchscreen
Loyalty programAccumulate points
and receive bonuses
Stylish software Designed specifically for the Russian buyer

with Touch Me

Touch Me is a revolution in the world of vending. Slot machines with a huge screen have already gained popularity in Asia and Britain. Now you can make money on them in Russia!

Make a branded one
Touch Me of your brand

Making a company store is oh so expensive!
But you can just put your signature Touch Me!

Free advertising
of your brand
in the shopping center
Low rent  —
high traffic
I want to promote
my product!

Create Touch Me-a network
of mini shops

Installing Touch Me is a minimum of financial
and, most importantly, organizational costs for launching new points.
Now your stores will grow, and their costs will decrease!

Expand your
network quickly.

To enter new
regional markets
To test
a new location.

Put a point
in the passage
of the shopping center
I want to create
a network of mini shops!

Unlock your potential with Touch Me

Unlock your potential with Touch Me

Find out how you can customize Touch Me

Touch Me is a new format in the vending!

Become more visible

According to statistics, Touch Me vending machines are significantly noticeable to customers.

Become more mobile

Moving a store is a serious expense. Moving Touch Me — one Gazelle and two movers.

Become more profitable

It occupies only 1 m2 of space. Consumes only 250 watts.

Become On-line

Don't go out into the fields! All reports will always be at your fingertips. And you can manage your business even from your mobile phone.

Touch Me is a promising solution for your business

40 %

growth of the Touch market
Screen Vending in China

50 %

noticed a machine
with a Touch Screen

90 %

they make a profit
in the first year!

Payback calculator

Touch Screen
55 inches

Thanks to the huge Touch Screen, Touch Me machines are able to ensure the visibility of goods from a great distance.

Touch Me vending machines allow you to sell a wide range of products: cosmetics, pet products, toys, lenses, baby food and products for children, consumables and mini-cafes.

Touch Me machines with a 55” screen give you the best flexibility of use and space for your ideas!

Manage your business
from your smartphone

Online telemetry of VEND CONTROL

Choose a complete set

Touch Me

from 590 000 ₽

Touch Me


Height — 1927 mm
Width — 892 mm
Depth — 1005 m
Weight — 340 kg


Temperature range — from 4 to 25°C


Monitor — 55" inches


8 spirals in each row

6 shelves

Cashless payment terminal

Remote telemetry

50” monitor

Options for corporate

The development of the pasting
in the corporate style

82000 ₽

Addition logo
in software

20000 ₽

The cost of your vending machine:

from 590 000

Send a request Contact the manager

Do you have any questions
about the machine?
Ask them to the manager!

Do you have any questions
about the machine?
Ask them to the manager!

You can also contact us by phone:
+7 495 357 03 37

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